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Neko Kage [userpic]
Higuri Blog update
by Neko Kage (nekoage)
at April 7th, 2011 (09:17 pm)

Higuri updated her Blog a few days ago, saying that she's broken her hand. It's not the one she's drawing with and will try to work but is not sure if she will be able to do so.

ch1b1_ch1b1 [userpic]
Help please
by ch1b1_ch1b1 (ch1b1_ch1b1)
at December 16th, 2010 (07:52 pm)


I realized in past 2 years that i'm more or less over with my Higuri You love so i decided to part with most of my collections, however i decided to temporarily keep some of the stuff - mainly stuff that i have not read yet.
I'll be sealing most of my stuff in less than 2 days and i'd really appreciate if i could clear the below question until than (it was hard to get some stuff so i don't want to mistakingly sale it before i get a chance to fully read it).

I have problems mainly with doujinshis. I have not read most of them but flipping through them i remember that lots of them were released in tankobons as extras later. So the informations i'd like to get from you is if the listed doujinshis were later published in tankobons. Please add which one you're talking about and where it was published. And/or if scanlation or just raw scans of named doujinshis exist.

So the doujinshis are (the comments in brackets are what i know, though mainly are just about reprints in other doujinshis):
12nin no Yasashii Koroshiya Ascendant
EVIL ONE Tatta Hitroi no Kimi ni
Azel Seimaden Enmaten no Senshi (most of the book also published in Tenken no Wana)
BOY'S LOVE STORY (made of Boyfriend (scanlated), EVIL ONE - the same one as above, and Kinku)
Teken no Wana (beside Azel Seimaden contains Shitenshi, Renma, Dachita Tenshi and Sarekoube no Hi (髑髏の妃-i'm not sure i've i transcripted it correctly D: ))
LUNA (i'm 100% i've seen this in one of the tankobons but i cant remember which one D:)

Any help would be highly appreciated :3

astraplain [userpic]
New Gorgeous Carat in Spica
by astraplain (astraplain)
at June 28th, 2010 (09:01 am)

The new issue of Spica is now available featuring the first chapter of a new Gorgeous Carat adventure.
The free preview includes a few pages of the GC chapter.


Neko Kage [userpic]
Some news
by Neko Kage (nekoage)
at June 10th, 2010 (01:20 am)

There are some news about Higuri:
1. the last volume (12)  of Cantarella will be released on 6/18.
2. The new part of Geourgeous Carat will start at 6/28.
3. A new series of Higurisensei will start this month - title (if I'm translating it right) is "Lion of Babylon".

astraplain [userpic]
Gorgeous Carat fic update
by astraplain (astraplain)
at March 27th, 2010 (01:39 pm)

Recent Gorgeous Carat fics posted at my lj. All rated PG-13/Teen. Thanks for reading!

Burning Bright
Summary: "It's the last of my good luck," he told her. "Perhaps it will
be the start of yours."


Sticks and Stones and... Marzipan?
Summary: Ray wasn't expecting this tonight


Blue Skies
Summary: a 10-minute ficlet written in response to the final chapter of GC-LE.
WARNING: SPOILERS for the final chapter of Gorgeous Carat - L'Esperanza


The Ledger
Summary: Drabble 1 of 3: Florian's life takes an unexpected turn

Summary: Drabble 2 of 3: There are times when Michel reminds Florian of Ray

Summary: Drabble 3 of 3: Florian wakes abruptly


Summary: Drabble 1 of 2: Ray is eating melted chocolate

Summary: Drabble 2 of 2: Florian has a fondness for champagne.


Solomon's Choice
Summary: A set of 4 100-word drabbles beta'd by the wonderful Arwensong.


Beyond the Glass
Summary: Ray finds Florian in a corner, shrouded in Noir's cape.


Summary: The knowledge that Ray and Florian share.

astraplain [userpic]
Help Haiti - get a Gorgeous Carat fic
by astraplain (astraplain)
at January 17th, 2010 (10:29 pm)

Help Haiti is a livejournal community for fans to donate to the relief efforts in Haiti.


Fans may offer to write original or fan fiction, create artwork or crafts or donate items.
Anyone interested can offer to donate, or can bid on any of the offerings.

The first round of bidding ends on Jan 20 with a second round to follow.

I've offered to write a fic of at least 1,000 in Gorgeous Carat fandom

The offer is part of the Moonshadow Tribe offering on "Word Offerings 3",
comments page 11 It's at the bottom of the page at the moment.

Bidding starts at $5. If you are interested, in bidding,
please do so at the Help_Haiti site


Thanks for reading. I'll be glad to try and answer any questions you
have about the Help Haiti project. or go here for more details

astraplain [userpic]
Gorgeous Carat fic update
by astraplain (astraplain)
at November 22nd, 2009 (04:51 pm)

New fic for anyone who might be interested. Thanks for reading these stories.
Anyone out there willing to try writing a GC story? This fandom needs more fic.

Title: Eyes
Rating: PG
Summary: Gapfiller. Leaving Morocco onboard Michel's ship



Title: Legends (crossover with Fake)
Rating: R / Mature
Summary: A mysterious letter unites the lives of two NYC police detectives in 2010 with those of a French Count and his companion from 100 years in the past.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Mirages is my entry for NaNoWriMo this year. It was posted to lj in parts as they were
written. The story is being polished and will be re-posted when it's beta read, but it
is there for anyone who might want to read it in its original form.

Sebastian's Master [userpic]
Winamp Skins?
by Sebastian's Master (seigakussiren)
at November 13th, 2009 (09:55 am)

There was a site at one point that had beautiful winamp skins for Ludwig and some other of Higuri's works..would anyone happen to have a link or be able to send me the Ludwig skins? ._. my computer crashed and I lost them.. and now I can't seem to find them again.

ms_legerdemain [userpic]
[Fanfiction] - Cesare/Volpe - Lightning
by ms_legerdemain (ms_legerdemain)
at November 12th, 2009 (05:51 pm)

Heya, just a little something I wrote the other day.

Title: Lightning
Fandom: Cantarella
Word Count: 836
Characters/Pairing: Cesare/Volpe, implied Chiaro/Lucrezia and unrequited Cesare/Chiaro
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Violent/bloody imagery (though no violent sex), Cesare being Cesare, yaoi (yeah, shocker, I know), adult themes.

Summary: Chiaro and Lucrezia have fled, leaving behind the man they both claim to have loved, and behind them, a storm is brewing...

♥ Please comment, comments take a moment for you and they make my day! All feedback is appreciated, good or bad.
♥ Please feel free to join/watch my fanworks community, laudanumdreams, if you like what you see.

He can feel the lightning under his skin...

astraplain [userpic]
Gorgeous Carat fic update
by astraplain (astraplain)
at October 25th, 2009 (01:20 pm)

For anyone interested, there are some new Gorgeous Carat fics on my lj:

Drabble With No Name
Be at Peace
How Much Deeper Would the Ocean Be Without Sponges?
Birthday Ficlet
Elements & Senses

Also, last year I started a NaNoWriMo story but didn't complete it within the time
allotted. The rough draft is now complete and on lj. Please note that it will be
cleaned up and edited after this year's attempt at NaNo (another GC story):

Thanks for reading.