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You Higuri Heaven

Where the bishonen dwell...

You Higuri Community
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This is a community for the appreciation and worship of Higuri You's work, and most especially the hot men she created so abundantly. Contributions to any of her series such as fanfics, fanart or discussions are highly welcome.
Just a few rules of conduct:

1) All bigger posts such as picture files, fanfics and so on should be put under LJ-cut (see FAQ)

2) Try to insert Spoiler warnings when necessary. This concerns especially ongoing series such as Kantarella. Just use your common sense about this.

3) Please read recent entries before posting about similar topics.

4) Try to abide the rules of common courtesy. We should all attempt to be nice, friendly people here. Constructive criticism, yes. Personal insults, no. (That's what moderators are for!)

5) No off-topics posts, if you please. You have your own journals for that.

6) If you want to promote your own communities/websites/mailing lists or similar stuff check back with the moderators first.

7) The moderators are always right.

8) If that's actually not the case - however marginal the chance may be - please refer to rule 7).

You should also go and see youhiguri, the real, English language LJ of Higuri-sensei! Check it out!

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